What the Press has to say

By: David Mixner
When I went to listen to FRANC D'AMBROSIO... my Friends had always sung his praises but I must admit I had not had the honor of hearing him perform in person or on recording... When I got to the corridor leading to...where Franc was to perform, I was amazed. Already huge crowds were spilling out into the hallways and inside... they seemed to be hanging from the rafters and covering every square inch of the floor.

This was to be Franc's second performance... and the word of mouth about this talented singer was spectacular. Out from the side lines bounced this handsome stud with short hair and riveting eyes and a smile that would protect all her Majesty's ships. D'Ambrosio's charismatic demeanor demanded that you pay attention.

With a spotlight turned on, a single piano accompanist and a mike, suddenly a chilling voice comes from this man. He won me over by the third note. Shame on me for not being better informed since I should have heard of this amazing performer before now. His credits and credentials are impressive...

As I listened that evening, I realized that it wasn't just his magnificent, pure voice but that he also was a gifted story teller who enunciated each word so you could clearly hear the lyrics. What a joy it was not to have to strain to hear the story as told by the lyrics. It was magical.

When D'Ambrosio started to sing "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables... I got tears in my eyes as he sang it.

Franc D'Ambrosio is an amazing talent who deserves to be heard more widely. His CD "Franc D'Ambrosio's Broadway" is a great place to start. Just a warning, you will be hooked once you start listening to this pure voice. I am.