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"Franc D'Ambrosio's BROADWAY" CD
By: David Wiegand
FRANC D'AMBROSIO, who played the title role in Phantom of the Opera for most of the show's five-year San Francisco run, brilliantly celebrates the show tune for what it's meant to be in his debut album.

With the exception of The Godfather theme, the 18 songs he's chosen are show tunes (with the emphasis on show), and D'Ambrosio's clarion, multi-octave voice is the perfect instrument to deliver their considerable dramatic scope.

From traditional standards ("Almost Like Being in Love" from Brigadoon) to contemporary signature songs ("Razzle Dazzle" from Chicago) -- and, of course, "Music of the Night" from Phantom -- D'Ambrosio stops the show with every cut. He even elevates swill like "This Is the Moment" from Jekyll and Hyde.

Give this boy a big standing O.